How to Layer Vivier Skin Care Products

Whether creating a stylish outfit or making a delectable trifle, an expert approach to layering can make all the difference in terms of style. The same case also applies to all of Vivier skin care products, which is why you should follow a proper order of application in order to boost your results. With the goal of healthy skin in mind, here’s information on how to layer your skin care products like a pro.

1. Start with a Vivier cleanser

You should have a Vivier cleanser that removes excess oil, sweat, SPF, makeup, and tiny dirt and debris from your face, as well as a cleanser suited for your skin type that you will use in the morning as well as for evening. To begin your skin care regimen, use a suitable cleanser that you will use in the morning and evening.
Even if your face does not look or feel dirty before bed, it needs to be refreshed after exposure to environmental pollutants. By considering using sun protection every day, you will supply your skin with the nutrients and elements it needs to function properly and protect itself from pollutants. The residue needs to be washed off each night to loosen and unclog your pores.

2. Use the eye cream

If you have an eye cream in your regimen, use it now. The skin around your eyes is delicate and deserves the chance to fully benefit from a brightening, hydrating, or firming formula. Additionally, most serums with active ingredients are not meant to be used on the eye area, so it’s best to create a barrier to prevent irritation.

3. Work by Layers

When layering products, start with the thinnest and move toward the thickest. At this stage, you should use any product with a clear consistency that deals with concerns, such as an antioxidant serum. The molecule structure of a light fluid texture is generally smaller than one in a dense cream or gel.
A thin layer enables active ingredients, such as Vitamin C, to penetrate the skin more quickly and more effectively. If you were preparing for a winter expedition, you wouldn’t put on a loosely woven thermal on top of a thick sweater, now would you? The same principle applies to skin care and antioxidants, in which you want the base level (your serum) to shield the skin.

4. Be Aware

Texture is a basic principle, but it should not be treated the only rule for optimal layering. Being mindful of potent ingredients is also essential because some just don’t get along being in the same place at the same time. To avoid possible irritation, products containing exfoliating acids (like glycolic acid) and retinol shouldn’t be mixed.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean they can’t be used in conjunction with an overall routine. If you love what each ingredient has to offer your skin, you can experiment with rotating them. Separate the use of each moment by time (i.e., use an acidic scrub in the morning and a retinol cream at night), or assign each one alternate evenings throughout the week. With scheduled usage, they may be able to coexist and make your complexion happy.

5. Take Good Protective Measures

It is time now to apply a face cream! The completion of a routine brings on the buildup of thicker textures. Formulated to sink into the upper layer of skin, repairing its resilience while providing a protective barrier, a moisturizer will be the last step in your routine or the final one. It all depends on what time it is.
In the morning, utilize a hydrating face cream and put some SPF sunscreen on top of it to protect against sun damage that leads to premature aging. Anyone’s skin should be protected by sunscreen with SPF every day in order to protect it from UV exposure that leads to wrinkles and dark spots.
At night, apply a cream with powerful ingredients, such as peptides and retinol, to your face, your neck, and your chest, and then you are done. Using formulas at night which particularly increase cell turnover and replenish skin will elevate your beauty sleep to the next level.

With careful layering, you can maximize the lasting effects of several Vivier’s beauty products. From serum to eye cream and SPF, intentionally applying each makeup product will ensure your results stand out.

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