We’ve all heard of hot flashes or hot flushes as they are sometimes referred to as. What are hot flashes?


 They are defined as a sudden feeling of feverish heat, typically as a symptom of menopause. Many women find them unbearable, embarrassing and just a terrible part of aging.

They don’t have to be. HRT therapy has had great success in relief of hot flash symptoms.

What causes hot flashes?

There is a great debate about the causes of hot flashes, but most can be attributed to the decrease in estrogen levels. A gradual decrease in estrogen happens as women head toward the age of menopause. If this level falls, the hypothalamus can have trouble regulating your body temperature. This can lead to your hypothalamus thinking your body is too hot and in an effort to cool your body down, dilating blood vessels near the skin’s surface.

The experts like The North American Menopause Society, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, and The Endocrine Society agree about Hormone Replacement Therapy as a treatment for most healthy, recently menopausal women.


Can there be other causes of hot flashes?

According to Healthline there can be other causes such as:

  • Can be a side effect from a prescription medication.
  • Some over-the-counter medications can cause symptoms that mimic those of menopause-related hot flashes.
  • Certain spicy foods, that pack a fiery punch can dilate blood vessels and stimulate nerve endings.
  • Alcohol can affect some people this way as well.

According to MedicineNet, approximately 70% of women will experience hot flashes at some point in the menopausal transition. Occasionally, hot flashes can be a result of other medical conditions. A good place to start is by having your hormone balance checked with our simple urine test.



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