The most common type of female urinary incontinence is known as stress incontinence and is typically as a result of vaginal childbirth.


During delivery the vaginal tissues suffer stretching, with resulting damage to the underlying collagen and other support tissues. Subsequent deliveries increase this damage and the vaginal wall can collapse into the vagina. This wall is part of the support structure for the bladder neck and when it collapses, it pulls on the bladder neck preventing normal closure of the bladder opening.

Any increase in pressure on the bladder such as coughing, sneezing or jumping can cause the bladder to leak urine.
Traditionally surgery has been required to try and prevent this happening but now, treatment with radiofrequency (RF) waves has become the treatment of choice, for mild to moderate stress incontinence.

Votiva is an RF system that is painless, with a high satisfaction rate in patients who have undergone the procedure.



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