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Erin Nicole Lash

 Haute Couture is a luxury line of high end strip lashes, custom designed & hand crafted to replicate and feel like a professionally applied set of lashes.

Erin Nicole strip lashes are:

Long Lasting – Able to be worn up to 25 times when cared for properly and will not change their shape or form.

Extremely Comfortable – A flexible handcrafted cotton band results in an easy to apply and comfortable pair of lashes you can wear day or night.

Beautifully designed with the expertise of Lash Artist Erin Nicole. Each set has its own unique shape and design. There is a lash for everyones eye shape, lifestyle and preference. From natural to glamorous and everything in between.

Luxurious and Elegant, Erin Nicole Lashes are designed with you in mind.


Erin Nicole is the creative mind behind Erin Nicole Lash Haute Couture. As a former and award winning salon founder & owner, lash extension artist & educator, model and Mom of two beautiful daughters she knows a lot about the beauty needs of every woman!

That’s why she made sure to design 5 unique lashes in our line. A style to suit every woman – Designed with you in mind.

“Be bold, be confident & unique – always celebrate you and have fun doing it!” Erin Nicole

It is in Erin’s nature to be meticulous, creative and artistic with an aesthetic eye for beauty and style. Her dream of creating a luxury lash line began as she saw a need in the industry.

Individual and volume lashes are her passion and she wanted to see the same type of artistry available in strip lashes.

This is when Erin Nicole Lash Haute Couture was born.

A strip lash that can by applied at home daily or for special occasions that mimics the look of professionally applied lash extensions. – Perfection – Erin designed and created 5 signature looks to suit every eye shape in the same way that she would create a specific shape and design for every individual client when applying lash extensions.

She also took into consideration preference & style giving every woman an option to enhance their own unique beauty in a way that is suited just for them.

Erin knows that when it comes to beauty, comfort is just as important, which is why our lashes are made with a soft, thin and flexible cotton band and feathery light mink lashes so that once your lashes are applied, you will feel as if you are not wearing any lashes at all!

Erin is also a busy Mom of two so she knows the importance of getting ready with ease and speed, this is why our latex-free glue was created with a convenient brush making application a breeze.

Erin’s vision of her luxury lash line was vogue, high fashion and classy. A high end luxury lash line designed with you in mind.