Botox® Treatment

Botox treatment

Botox treatment or therapy for wrinkles, lines and folds is an injection treatment designed to reduce facial expression lines. Botox® is the trade name for botulinum purified protein complex.

How BOTOX® Works?

When tiny amounts of BOTOX® are injected into the facial muscles responsible for movement those lines that are wrinkles directly associated with the muscle movement are diminished by weakening of the muscle. Thus, Botox® therapy works best for “dynamic” lines and wrinkles, and is less effective for fine textural changes on the skin surface, and for those lines present at rest.

Botox® therapy is temporary, meaning it will have to be repeated on a regular basis to remain effective. An average response is 3 to 6 months of diminished muscle contraction, although there have been reports of more than 6 months of efficacy following a single injection. Individual responses may be longer or shorter depending on the degree of skin sun damage, depth of the lines, the size of the muscle, and the amount of Botox® used in the location.


After a Botox® injection, the effect gradually begins over several days and is not complete for two weeks, and sometimes longer. The effects of Botox® therapy often become longer after repeated injections. Botox® therapy may be  combined with other cosmetic facial procedures such as photo rejuvenation, micro dermabrasion, and filler to enhance the appearance. For maximal results it is recommended that after receiving Botox® you do not vigorously rub or massage the treated area for 2 hours. You should actively contract the treated muscles (for example, frown or grimace) to increase the response of the Botox® for two hours following the treatment.


There is no known permanent side effect of BOTOX® treatment for wrinkles. BOTOX® has been used for wrinkles sine 1987, and is considered an extremely safe procedure by Doctors. There are several temporary side effects which include pain and possible bruising at the injection site; transient muscle twitching with muscle asymmetry which can be treated without touch up injections; and transient numbness. Less than 1% of patients receiving BOTOX® can experience temporary eyebrow drooping and/or double vision if the BOTOX® affects the muscle which move the eye and eyelid. This effect usually only lasts up to four weeks. Some patients may be less sensitive to Botox and the therapy will not work as well for them as expected. Contradictions to BOTOX® therapy include pregnancy, breastfeeding, active skin infection in the treated area, neurological diseases like myasthenia gravis and the drug penicillamine. Alternatives to BOTOX® therapy include no treatment, topical creams chemical peels, photo rejuvenation, or surgical face, brow or eyelid lift.



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