The 8 Point Facelift

Is age catching up to you? Does your face appear deflated and less youthful?

Facial volume loss is one of the major contributors to facial aging. Facial fat repositioning and loss as well as skeletal remodeling leads to volume loss and gives the appearance of an older face. Key features in the perception of facial youthfulness is facial shape and volume.

Derma fillers

Dermal fillers can reduce the perception of age by 6-9 years on average. In our clinic we treat and assess each patient individually to see how their natural features could be enhanced via simple volumization of the face at key points to restore youthfulness. We use the latest Juvederm hyaluronic acid fillers with Vycross technology that provide minimal swelling, longer duration (up to one to two years) and enhanced smoothness.
The injections are made at strategic points to augment soft tissue and correct contour defects. The approach is called the 8 point lift.

8 point lift

Upper Cheek volumization with small amounts of Juvederm can not only enhance the cheek bones but may improve appearance of tear troughs and nasolabial folds. Lower lateral cheek volumization can help to make the face appear slimmer. Will help minimize smile lines, improve marionette lines and may improve the downward turning of the corners of the mouth.

Reshaping the chin with fillers can help to turn a square looking face to a much more desirable and youthful triangular shape. Injecting the jaw line will improve the appearance of lower facial sagging and the much hated jowls. If the above method is not sufficient to achieve the desired results, direct injection of the tear troughs will improve hollowness and dark circles of the eyes; injection of deep nasolabial folds, marionette lines and perioral wrinkles will further improve the age related changes of the face.

The injections are minimally invasive and require virtually no downtime. The results are guaranteed natural. The amounts of filler injected varies from patient to patient, depending on patient needs, skeletal structure and volume loss.

We understand that how you feel is closely related to how you look. We are here to help you achieve the look that will make you feel and appear the way you desire. Together we will work with you to come up with a treatment plan to achieve the best results possible. Book a consultation today to learn how we can help you look and feel younger in your skin.

by Dr. Andras Iso, MD