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*Offers are applicable before taxes & ends May 31st, 2023


Vasculyse-South Surrey Glow

*Offers are applicable before taxes & ends May 31st, 2023

Facials – 20% OFF


Signature Fusion Facial

A luxurious, multi-step skincare treatment designed to rejuvenate and deeply hydrate the skin

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Deluxe or Platinum

Advanced, multi-step skincare treatments that utilize patented vortex technology to cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and hydrate the skin, providing a comprehensive and luxurious experience.

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Evoke Skin Reconstruction – 50% OFF

Evoke Skin Reconstruction: This non-invasive skin reconstruction treatment uses radiofrequency energy to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, and improve skin elasticity. It’s perfect for those who want to achieve firmer, smoother, and more youthful-looking skin.

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Laser Services


Forma – 20% OFF

Forma targets wrinkles without the need for needles, toxins, or going under the knife. Forma is an innovative radiofrequency treatment created by InMode. Forma targets wrinkles without the need for needles, toxins, or going under the knife. The radiofrequency current flows between the electrodes to provide a comfortable thermal experience

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Votiva – 40% OFF

Votiva treatments use radio frequency energy to gently heat tissue to rejuvenate collagen, without  discomfort or downtime.

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Deluxe Hydrafacial and Hydrafacial Skin Care Kit – SAVE 20%

“Mom & Me Time”

Two Deluxe HydraFacials – SAVE 20%

“My Spa-cial Mom”

Signature Fusion Facial & Hydrafacial Skin Care Kit – SAVE 20%

Only the very best for my Mom”

Platinum HydraFacial & Hydrafacial Skin Care Kit – SAVE 20%

Additionally Get 20% Off on our featured skin care lines
when you purchase one of our May promo packages.

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Offers are applicable before taxes & ends May 31st, 2023


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Carolyn PinkneyCarolyn Pinkney
23:26 15 Aug 22
Dr Isho is amazing. I paid for private Telus health and it was a waste. He’s kind and informative and quick to reply. Staff is lovely and prompt. I get the best service and so happy. Carolyn.
07:56 20 Jul 22
The staff at Glow are fantastic! I’ve known Dr. Iso for several years now and have yet to meet a friendlier and more easy-going physician. He is super skilled and knowledgeable, and really cares about his patients. He’s also an excellent listener and never suggests that I spend more than I want to (which is something I can’t say about any other aesthetics doc/nurse that I’ve met!). I trust him 100% and won’t go anywhere else!
Carlene MarshallCarlene Marshall
17:43 11 May 22
Glow is absolutely fantastic! I saw Dr Iso and he fully listened to what I was looking for, was friendly and professional and provided excellent service. I had Botox and lip filler (a first for both procedures) and I am extremely pleased with my results!
Sher KelsoSher Kelso
23:43 02 May 22
South Surrey Glow takes 'team work is the dream work' to a whole new level! After many botched treatments over a decade I decided to give my face one more try...and I am so glad I did! When you walk in the door you immediately know this place is something special. Something amazing. I stood there for a moment and wondered 'what's going on? Oh one is attacking me, wrestling me to the floor and trying to shove a pamphlet down my throat!' South Surrey Glow is simple yet elegant. Leslie? Warm and welcoming. Dr. Iso? When I walked into his office he wasn't wearing a hazmat suit, a bullet-proof face shield, and full body armor. What?! That was all I was used to! Ohhhhhh, how refreshing! 🙂 Dr. Iso is casual yet extremely professional. I was welcomed and I was relaxed. And, I was treated like an individual. Imagine my surprise! I have never been 'relaxed' before because the thought of anything costing me my home, my first born, and my pension had never really sat well with me. And I always had to 'pay upfront'. Not here. Not. here. Alina? Alina is what magic is, in human form. 🙂 A true gem. She is thorough, personable, thoughtful, and listens to your concerns and gives you options that she thinks are best suited for your 'skin issues'. Options?! Since when! Not in my life time! Not before now. Finally, an incredible team (and that is exactly what they are) treated me as an individual. We all know that we are individuals looking for the same common goal perhaps, of having the best skin that we are in (but are never told so, if you have had the horrible past experiences that I have had). This is the place to go. Don't walk there. Run! I have never experienced anything like this. Never. I began my 'skin journey' the beginning of April and I literally can not wait until my next appointment! 🙂 I trust them and what they are doing. I have never been able to use that word 'trust' before. Always disappointed. Always discouraged beyond belief. Always told that I needed the newest and latest gadget or miracle cream that was 'in' at the time. Really?! Nooooo. What works for one, doesn't necessarily (at all) work for another, and it has never been more apparent at this amazing and wonderful establishment. South Surrey Glow knows and understands your personal goals. They don't try and sell you on anything. The consultation is free. Take advantage of this incredible experience. You will have a newfound bounce to your step when you do! Going back to being treated like an individual and having 'my' concerns listened to and addressed' was unexpected and I must say, a welcome surprise. Not to mention the $$$ I used to spend on looking for the next 'quick fix' and being a sucker for advertising. Now? I have my own personally developed and created skin care products that are designed just for me, not everyone en masse. 🙂 I could write a novel on what a positive experience this was (and still is every week) but I have discovered that most people won't even read something that is too long! lol I do hope that you are reading this entire post. I do hope that you join me on your own skin journey. I am 69 years young and have never felt nor looked better. Giving South Surrey Glow *a million stars*
Carola BravermanCarola Braverman
21:17 30 Mar 22
Dr. Iso is Amazing.

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